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Gardner Denver is a leading global provider of flow control technology, application expertise and support services to a diverse customer base through a family of trusted brands.

Founded more than 150 years ago, we focus on developing engineered solutions to our customers' biggest operational challenges, with an emphasis on providing absolute reliability, increased efficiency and lower energy expenditures wherever possible.

Engineering Flow Control Solutions in Your Industry

At Gardner Denver, we understand that wide-ranging expertise starts with knowing your processes, your business and your industry, inside and out. That's why we provide hands-on knowledge and years of experience in your specific products and applications. From the lab to the oilfield, our highly engineered approach to flow control leads to smarter solutions that help drive business.


Engineered Solutions to Drive Your Business

For more than 150 years, Gardner Denver has been a leading global provider of compressors, blowers and vacuum pumps. That's why our customers - from doctors to drillers, from every corner of the world - rely on us to make their businesses more reliable.

With global teamwork, strong customer focus and vast application knowledge, our brands provide reliable, energy-efficient products to keep your business moving.

Helping You Power The World

Gardner Denver supplies a broad range of pumps, compressors, blower systems and loading systems - but we also do much more: we help your business meet the world's growing demand for energy. That's why we work to create safer, smarter and more sustainable solutions upstream, downstream and everywhere you operate.

You can find our pumps hard at work from the oil patch to the refinery, and transporting your products in between.

Giving Life to Lifesaving Research

One discovery can change the course of medicine - and at Gardner Denver, we're proud to deliver flow control solutions that may help facilitate medical breakthroughs.

Our products provide high levels of precision in demanding medical and laboratory environments. Technicians can rely on our equipment for dependable and accurate performance for a variety of critical functions, including the preparation of biological and chemical samples for analysis.

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